Bailey Custom Process...
How I make Guitars
On this page, I'm going to tell you a little about the way I make aluminum guitars. I won't tell or
show you everything, some things are proprietary. I have invented some of my tools for this
work and I don't really wish to share these, but I will show some of what goes on. It's not
glamorous or whatever. Making these guitars is A LOT of work..... I know, people say that what
they do is a lot of work, but this is. I have talked with other aluminum guitar makers and they
also say it's a lot of work.

I hope to add to this page as I get more pix.... For now.... Here we go!
Turning the back of
the neck... The

I do this early in the
process, on my
lathe. I have to set it
up with an offset and
a taper...
This is where some of the hard work is..... After the neck is off the lathe, I have to start
filing the shapes that I can't get from the lathe. I use a variety of files. I then start sanding,
with a sander and by hand. Once it's sanded, I start polishing the neck with high speed
buffing wheels.
The neck, after buffing. This
one still needed some final,
fine polishing from this
point..... But you get the
The sanding is done! Time
for buffing!
The neck has been filed....
This neck just came off the
lathe... Ready for filing...
Bending fret wire with a fret wire bender that I made.
Using a mill to hollow out a Veleno Tribute body.....
More on body work will be coming soon.