Bailey Custom Aluminum Guitars
FIrst off, if you are reading this page, you are either a customer or
thinking about being one. In that case, Thank You VERY much for your

At this time, the ONLY forms of payment I can accept are Money
orders, PayPal or cash, but I don't think it's really safe to send cash.

PLEASE DO NOT send me  any personal check. I've had lots of
problems with them, so please do us both a favor and don't send me
one. I will be forced to return it to you.

Please do not send me any payment till asked to do so. I really don't
like to accept a deposit if I can avoid it and I'm still new to running a
business and it's much easier for me to keep track of what I'm doing if
you wait for me to bill you. Most of the time, I will bill you once the
project is completed and ready to ship. I normally ship everything
USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation, insurance is your option
and certainly available.

Most PayPal payments will require an extra charge of 3%

PayPal payments can be sent to: