Bailey Custom Aluminum Guitars

If you want some info or quick answers to some questions? This is the place. Here are some
questions I get pretty often along with some answers to those questions.

1. How much does one of your necks cost?

For now, I'm no longer making necks alone.... Just complete guitars.

2. How heavy is an aluminum neck.

I have made bolt on necks that weighed as much as 4 pounds and I've made one a little under 2
pounds. A solid aluminum neck, like a Tele or Strat neck will be in the area of 3 pounds. The
same neck, hollowed out is about 2.5 pounds. A phenolic or rosewood fingerboard will lighten
it up a bit more and cutting out some of the headstock will lighten it more too. The big problem
with neck weight is leverage, so the farther the weight is from the body, the harder it is to play
the guitar, (neck heavy).  So, in my opinion, lightening the headstock does more to make a neck
playable than lightening the fingerboard or something.

It helps to have a heavy body on the guitar. For instance, I have an all wood Strat that weighs
over 9 pounds. A wood Strat neck, with no tuners weighs a little over a pound, so the body on
this thing is heavy. Adding an aluminum neck to this guitar would be no problem and it would
still have a decent balance to it. I have put a variety of aluminum necks on those aluminum Strat
bodies you've seen on eBay and the results vary. A hollow neck with a normal headstock
works fine, but a solid aluminum neck with the fat headstock is a bit neck heavy.

3. Do you have any seconds or a neck just laying around?

This never happens. I have SO much going on at any given time that I just don't have anything
laying around. I'm not perfect of course, and I have messed up on a neck from time to time, but
nothing to make me scrap it, usually it's just something not quite what a customer asked for. In
that case, I just finish the neck and sell it on eBay or put it on a guitar that will end up on eBay.
Aluminum is expensive, so I turn it around as soon as I can.

4. How much is a bass neck?

I don't make any bass necks or parts of any kind. A bass isn't a guitar. I know, it looks similar,
but it's not the same and I'd have to learn about making a bass. I just don't have the time to
learn and experiment with a bass. Aluminum does have some give to it and I have no idea how
to compensate for that on a bass neck. Those big strings have to be pulling a lot more than
regular guitar strings, not to mention the extra length. If I were doing something with a truss
rod, then maybe I could but aluminum necks don't have a truss rod.

5. Do your necks have a truss rod.

Nope and as far as I know, there are no aluminum necks with truss rods. Aluminum is rigid,
very rigid. Aluminum necks aren't 100% rigid, but they move so little, you can't really tell it
without measuring tools. I really don't think a normal truss rod would be strong enough to
adjust aluminum neck relief, not to mention the weight a hunk of steel would add to the neck.
Making the neck with relief already there is best.

6. Do you require a deposit?

Again, NOPE! Almost always, I don't need a deposit and I really prefer not to get paid at all till
the project is complete. It's just easier for me to keep track of things if I do the project and then
bill you. I accept PayPal and money orders as forms of payment. I only charge for actual
shipping, I normally make my own shipping boxes too, it helps save you some money. I'm
really good at shipping. This brings us to the next question.

7. Do your guitars come with a case?

Unless I specify so, my guitars don't have cases. I am the only person in my business, so I have
to do all the work myself, building, answering mail, shipping, etc. I just don't have a lot of time.
SO, finding cases to fit the guitars and ordering them cost me time, so I'd have to add that cost
to my guitars. So, it cheaper on you to buy a case yourself. Not only that, but you end up with a
case you like. I mean, what if I were to sell you the guitar with a Fender type case, but you'd
rather have a Coffin case? The good thing is, I pack a guitar VERY well when I ship it, so you
will get the guitar in good condition, from there you can decide what case you want for the
However, if you really want your guitar shipped in a case, I'm sure we can work
something out. That's why I call it Bailey "CUSTOM"  Nothing is carved in stone.....